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Skin Analyzer Facial Skin Analyzer BS-3200

Product Description

The BS-3200 facial skin analysis system utilizes skin care photographic imaging tool that provides clinical measurement of surface and subsurface facial skin conditions, using digital images technologies via RGB visible light, PL polarized light, and UV spectrum. In use by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical and skin care professionals, the BS-3200 system is a self-contained unit that captures multi-spectral photos of the face, examining the complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores), UV spots (characteristic of photodamage, typically from overexposure to sun), pigmented spots and acne. Additionally, it grades an individual’s skin features relative to others of the same age and skin type.

Analysis Scope

Analysis Procedures

Customer registration
–> Save/ Update profile
–> Take photos from front / left / right view
–> Select areas to start analysis
–> Read analysis report
–> Compare skin change by date
–> Generate cosmetics/ treatment recommendation


LUMSAIL BS-32003500/1200/1200P is a novel imaging device for the analysis and evaluation of your skin’s health. It is based on an advanced optical technology developed at LUMSAIL INDUSTRIAL INC, which allows the view of skin in 3 dimensions as well as multi-spectral analysis of epidermis and dermis.
A quick scan tells you how rough your skin is, how deep your wrinkles are and what degree of sun damage and redness you have. Now you can transform your skin with lasers, peels, injectables and skin tightening machines and see the proof that they work by measuring the improvement over time.


  1. 3D view.
    LUMSAIL BS-32003500/1200/1200P allows you to view your clients’ images in 3 dimensions, to tilt and pan images and to zoom into critical areas.
  2. Change the angle of illumination.
    LUMSAIL BS-32003500/1200/1200P allows you to vary the angle of illumination from 0° to 360°. This way you can highlight any detail of your patient’s skin without having to worry about lighting conditions when you capture images. Thanks to its complete independence on external illumination, LUMSAIL BS-32003500/1200/1200P guarantees reliable measurements anytime. Measure the concentration of melanin and haemoglobin.
  3. Measure the concentration of melanin and haemoglobin.
    Thanks to its multi-spectral technology and its 3D mapping of skin surface, pigmentation analysis is extremely accurate.
  4. Compare "Before & After" images.
    LUMSAIL BS-32003500/1200/1200P excels in the comparison of "Before & After" images. Select the parameter you
    wish to view/analyse in the first image and the software will automatically sync the other images to the chosen parameter.
  5. Automatic matching.
    To validate the efficacy of a given treatment, it is crucial to compare the same areas in "Before & After" images. Our model ensures that the areas selected in different images are in registry, by correcting displacements due to different positions of the patient when capturing the image.
  6. Measure the improvement before & after a treatment.
    This feature makes the comparison between "Before & After" images immediate and easy. Would you like to prove the reduction of melanin to your client? Simply tile the "Before & After" images, select the areas of interest and view the results in graphic form. It will be satisfying for your client to see a 55% reduction in melanin concentration, rather than relying on an uncertain visual judgement.
  7. Create a report of treatment results for your clients.
    Improve the communication with your patients by providing them with a detailed analysis of treatment results. Use images and data in graphic form to plan new treatments. Prove the efficacy of your work over time andincrease the satisfaction level of your clients. A happy customer will return.
  8. Keep a visual record and data archive of your treatments.
    Create and maintain a history of your clients’ treatments. Keep a record of your treatments to prove their results and for medico-legal purposes. It will also help you to deal with forgetful clients!
  9. Measure wrinkles, fine lines and folds.
    Perform real quantitative measurements of skin roughness and texture. Measure length, width and depth of fine lines, wrinkles and folds. LUMSAIL BS-32003500/1200/1200P provides you with a powerful tool for the evaluation of skin damageand allows you to monitor and quantify the improvement over time of laser resurfacing procedures, dermal fillers, IPL, etc.


1.Facial skin anlysis to find skin disorders
2.Tell skin potential problems
3.Track skinchange trend
4.Sell beauty products and services

MORE Features:

l Epidermal skin analysis, as color of depth, property of skins and other skin problems.
l Dermal skin analysis, giving advice on potential skin disorders on dermal layer.
l Wrinkle analysis: Property, density, depth and cleaning ways.
l Speckles analysis: Analyze depth area, sizes, density accurately and how to dispel of speckles
l 12 Mega pixels with auto-focus
l Auto-analysis and report mechanism
l UV Voice system
l 3: 4 Preview system, and Front slant window;
l Adjustable chine-holder
l Multilanguage support
l Integrated customer management software and crystal report software
l Electrical watchdog protection
l * Computer and deck are optional fittings

The BS-32003500/1200/1200P facial skin analysis system has the functions of imaging and analysis helps medical and skin care professionals develop more targeted treatment programs, communicate more effectively with clients, and better track treatment outcomes. Based on the recorded profile, the client’s facial rejuvenation program can also include optimized recommendations for ongoing skin care health, with the imaging as an invaluable aid in monitoring complexion vitality and checking effectiveness of the skin care regimen over time.



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