Skin Analysis Machine Test Skin Pore Wrinkle with RGB UV Standard


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Skin Analyzer System Test Skin for Wrinkle Acne with RGB Standard

Treatment thoery

HONKON skin analyzer system works at three spectral analysis of RGB/UV/PL to analyze accurately in pores, sebum, wrinkles, pigmentation, and test moisture, elasticity and color.


1. Analysis in pores, sebum, wrinkles and pigmentation;

2. Testing in skin moisture, elasticity and color.

3. UV light facial skin analyzer system for hair pores and wrinkle test .


1. Patent RGB/UV/PL triple spectrum analysis function

2. Unique moisture analysis and cosmetics testing functions

3. Automatic localization

4. With automatic lens switching system, high-precision image of RGB, PL and UV can be realized.

5. Shooting, transmitting and analyzing smoothly.


Item TC20s TC20Plus
Image resolution 20 Megapixels 20 Megapixels
Focus mode Smart focus Smart focus
Camera internal connection USB USB
3 3 Six spectrums Yes Yes
White light/365 UV light/
Cross polarized light
Yes Yes
Red skin area / Brown skin area / Dark spot Yes Yes
Intelligent locating Yes Yes
Polarizer control Fixed Smart changing
Face changing comparison function Yes Yes
Contrast comparison function Yes Yes
Analytical result density and accurate metering Yes Yes
Analytical result flash/
constantly bright / disappear
Yes Yes
HDTV output Depending on the online computer Yes
Built-in POS printer No Yes
HD A4 Standard Report Yes Yes
Built-in high performance computer NO Yes
Wireless bluetooth keyboard mouse NO Yes
External water testing pen Optional Yes
Dimensions(mm) 400x300x350 400x300x350
Net weight(kg) 12 12
Package dimensions(mm) 400x420x540 400x420x540
Gross weight(kg) 15 15


Q1: Can the machine analyze the skin condition of the full face?

A1: Yes, it not only can zoom and move the high-definition six-spectrum full-face skin condition arbitrarily, but also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, which realizes accurately quantitative analysis of skin condition, including the factors of pigmentation/ pores/ wrinkles/pimple/looseness/ moisture, etc.

Q2: Does it have the function of comparison with before and after treatment?

A2: Yes, the contrast of locking function is specifically designed for the comparison with before and after treatment.

Q3: Available to add recommended creams and skin care products (after automatic intelligent analysis and get result)?

A3: Yes, we can add recommended creams and skin care products, and can match the most suitable products based on the analysis results automatically and intelligently.

Q4: Is it the skin analyzer with 20 mega pixels, achieving high definition & auto-focus analysis?

A4: Yes, it is one of the few magic skin analyzers that can really achieve 20 mega pixels, high definition & auto-focus analysis in China.

Q5: Available to get the result by connecting a printer?

A5: Yes, it not only can support the built-in POS diagnostic result printer, but also connect any color-printer to get A4 full recommendation report.

Q6: Available to connect any types of computer system: WINDOWS 7/8/10?

A6: Yes.

Q7: Does it available to send the pictures of customers’ skin problems through the Internet and report to other clinics, so the clinics could know the customers’ skin condition and provide them more service?

A7: Yes, customized optional plan can be implemented after connecting LAN or WAN, which can send the pictures of customers’ skin problems, so can provide them more service.

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HONKON will adhere to the "Science Creates Beauty" guidance, strengthen research and development of products in medical and aesthetic device industry, committed to serving all the customers at home and abroad. Within the next five years, we will strive to be a first-class Medical and Beauty Equipment supplier with enhanced self-development capabilities, advanced technology, increased team productivity and the accelerated development cycle.

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