Skin Analysis Machine with Moisture Testing Pigmentation Analysis System


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3D Skin Analyzer with Eight Spectrums Analysis Skin Problems

What is Facial Skin Analyzer?

Capture slight changes of facial pores, moisture, pigment, texture, elasticity and sensitivity through computer system analysis of facial images, find the hidden problems at the bottom of your skin to develop personalized skin care programs.

3D facial skin analyzer–Definition

Fusion of high-speed face recognition technology,
Deep learning technology,
Deep blue intelligent parallel algorithm,
8 Spectral imaging techniques,
Information processing technology,
The 5th generation 3D three-dimensional intelligent skin analyzer for android system,
3D imaging conforms to the three-dimensional facial contours,
The image is clear, vivid and shocking, flexible rotation and scaling, present skin problems by space,
It’s five times faster,smooth system operation,complete parsing in 13 seconds.

8 Spectrums

RGB/UV365/UV405/PL-/PL /Red/Brown/Mix spot
3D Facial Skin Analyzer–Hardware

20 million hd pixels
Android system–Use Touch screen operation, first time, apply to mobile device and table PC
Better software compatibility
Strong system stability
Simple and quick operation
Faster analysis speed

3D Facial Skin Analyzer–Tablet configuration

CPU:Qualcomm 8-core-CPU Snapdragon-625, HUAWEI, Hisilicon Ai chip
Display resolution:1920*1200
Display size:10 inch
Minimum android version:Android 5.0


Q1: Can the machine analyze the skin condition of the full face?

A1: Yes, it not only can zoom and move the high-definition six-spectrum full-face skin condition arbitrarily, but also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, which realizes accurately quantitative analysis of skin condition, including the factors of pigmentation/ pores/ wrinkles/pimple/looseness/ moisture, etc.

Q2: Does it have the function of comparison with before and after treatment?

A2: Yes, the contrast of locking function is specifically designed for the comparison with before and after treatment.

Q3: Available to add recommended creams and skin care products (after automatic intelligent analysis and get result)?

A3: Yes, we can add recommended creams and skin care products, and can match the most suitable products based on the analysis results automatically and intelligently.

Q4: Is it the skin analyzer with 20 mega pixels, achieving high definition & auto-focus analysis?

A4: Yes, it is one of the few magic skin analyzers that can really achieve 20 mega pixels, high definition & auto-focus analysis in China.

Q5: Available to get the result by connecting a printer?

A5: Yes, it not only can support the built-in POS diagnostic result printer, but also connect any color-printer to get A4 full recommendation report.

Q6: Available to connect any types of computer system: WINDOWS 7/8/10?

A6: Yes.

Q7: Does it available to send the pictures of customers’ skin problems through the Internet and report to other clinics, so the clinics could know the customers’ skin condition and provide them more service?

A7: Yes, customized optional plan can be implemented after connecting LAN or WAN, which can send the pictures of customers’ skin problems, so can provide them more service.

Our Services

Two years warranty: if there any problem happens with your machine, we will repair it free of charge
Convenient training: user manual and operation video are available; if it is not enough, we can provide the online face to face education
OEM/ODM services: your logo, shell, language, interface can specially be designed on your machine

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