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China Beijing KES-186 Water Facial Peel Microdermabrasion Machine For Cleansing and Skin RejuvenationQuick Details
Place of Origin:Beijing, China
Brand Name:KIERS
Model Number:KES-186
Certification:CE & TUV & ISO 9001 & 13458
Application:For Commercial & Home Use
Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Function:Microdermabrasion Machine Skin Cleaning
Technology:Microdermabrasion, Vacuum, Low level laser
Ultrasonic frequency:30KHZ
Ultrasonic Power:15W
Laser Wavelength:650nm / 470nm
Negative Pressure Intensity:< 300 mmHg, Adjustable
Handpiece quantity:2

Remove wrinkles, shrink pores, improve the dark skin.

Improve the skin’s elasticity and smooth.

Skin tightening, lifting and whitening.

Acne treatment.

Skin deep cleaning.

Antisepsis and anti-inflammation.

Microdermabrasion Handpiece

Combined diamond and anti-gravity negative pressure massage the skin and increase metabolism of cells. Distend the hair follicles to clean the skin fully and treat the skin with 470nm low level laser. Killing the propionibacterium acnes, antisepsis and anti-inflammation, relieve swelling and pain.Not only cure various inflammatory and common cysticacne, but also can inhibit the secretion of sebum, shrink pores, tighten skin, brighten skin, balance oil,etc.

Ultrasonic handpiece

Using the five major mechanisms of ultrasonic and combined with the unique advantages of 650nm laser to improve the skin.

Five action mechanism of Ultrasonic:

A. Diffusion: improve the permeability of biofilm and enhancing the diffusion process of biofilm, promoting substance exchange, accelerating metabolism, improving tissue nutrition.
B. Thixotropic: the gel can be transformed into liquid. Softening the muscles, tendons, and changing the pathology because of water shortage.

C. Cavitation: Changes cell function, increase intracellular calcium level, protein synthesis vascular permeability, accelerated angiogenesis, collagen tension.

D. Polymerization & Depolymerization: increase intra-articular hydrolase and the activity of proenzyme.
E. Anti-inflammatory, repair cells & molecules: Move the leukocyte, promote angiogenesis, synthesize and maturate collagen.
650nm low level laser: The laser treats on the deep skin tissue can stimulate the skin to regenerate collagen effectively, making the collagen fibers arrange orderly.

Anti-gravity negative pressure: Anti-gravity negative pressure can accelerate metabolism of treating area, the process will be simple, moderate, comfortable, fast and effective.

5. Specification

Ultrasonic Frequency 30KHz
Ultrasonic Power 15W
Laser Wavelength 650nm / 470nm
Laser Power 2W
Negative Pressure Intensity <300mmHg, adjustable
Operating Temperature 5 ~ 40 ºC
Operating Humidity 5 ~ 75%

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