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With the two steps of "waveform compression" and "phase shift", the RF wave energy is precisely focused on the specific depth of the subcutaneous,  and the high frequency radio frequency phase shifter is used in the field. Called the only "precision heating, layered anti-aging" RF firming technology in nowadays market.


10.4 inch true color touch screen  
Bipolar probe, thermoface  
Voltage  110V / 220V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power  160W
Frequency  40.68MHz
Stalls  1-80 file adjustable
Working times  1-90 minutes
Operating mode  pulse continuously adjustable.

Parts List
1, main machine 1
.2, handle   2
3, accessories support frame  2 sets
4, power cord  1
5, funnel 1
6, filter 1 package.
7, foot switch  1
8,  key 2.
9,  water nozzle 1

Effect appears "facelifting skin tightening wrinkle removal cellutile removal" only in one treatment
In order to ensure that the internal modulation frequency is 40.68MHz, the Thermolift is more focused and the energy is more focused by increasing the external modulation frequency and compressing the RF sine wave waveform.The high-frequency RF phase shifter is specially designed and developed by RF phase shifter, radar positioning and navigation, precision control phase shift in different levels of subcutaneous, perfect solution to the traditional RF penetration depth uncontrollable problem.

Multi-file heat effect of the depth of adjustable hand, can be precise selective heating dermis or SMAS fascia layer.Time free adjustment, efficacy and patient comfort to achieve the optimal ratio, multi-point contact cooling and vacuum negative pressure device, without the need to regularly replace the refrigerant to ensure the safety of the skin, the number of hand launch without any restrictions, the doctor can freely increase the number of treatment.

Thermolift pull out of the traditional radio frequency by the table and the heating mode, to solve the role of the level of shallow, can not heat the fascia layer of the problem can be really effective deep pulling treatment. At the same time, the total temperature of the fascia is increased to the optimal temperature of collagen neoplastic remodeling from 60 ºC to 65 ºC, while avoiding irreversible tissue necrosis and injury and to achieve the effect.

RF energy in the dermis shallow, thermal effects to promote shallow collagen fibers immediately shrink, promote the skin structure immediately tightened, there is immediate compact effect. Skin dermis is heated, and constantly stimulate the collagen regeneration, so that the skin elasticity gradually restored, to enhance the skin activity, reduce the purpose of wrinkles.

Thermolift  can be radioactive energy selective role in the dermis deep, the role of heat induced by the wound healing within the dermis to promote the dermal fibroblasts continue to release collagen, the new collagen synthesis, arranged more closely, damaged collagen layer supplement, promote the reconstruction and thickening of the dermis, to achieve the purpose of awakening the skin stretch, lasting compact skin.

SMAS layer is the real root cause of facial skin aging, thermolift can accurately act on the SMAS layer, through thermal effects to promote the continuous regeneration of elastic collagen, and build a new elastic fiber web, and promote deep fascia tissue tension and enhance the effective pulling the loose facial lines, to achieve the effect of fascia suspension.

FQA of Thermolift
Q: Does Thermolift have side effects?

A:  No side effects, but need to pay attention to:

1, Before treatment,  the skin should be in a good state;
2, within a week after treatment ,please avoid high temperature, like sauna and high temperature exposure, avoid using hot water to wash face;
3, Please strengthen the moisturizing, you can apply several times mask, because after treatment the skin will dry.

Q: What effect of thermolift?

A: Compact to enhance the anti-aging, for the surface and neck skin relaxation sagging, contour is not clear, double chin to enhance the cheek, and other issues, and effectively promote the skin collagen newborn and so on. For double chin, ThermoLift also has a significant improvement. In reducing fat at the same time, you can also tighten the relaxation of the cheek and neck skin, to achieve compact mandibular skin, clear the role of the mandibular edge.

Q: What kind of  people can apply Thermolift?

1, contours fuzzy, apple muscle down, decoction, eyebrows drooping, double chin, chicken neck, postpartum relaxation;
2, local wrinkles, before treatment,please communicate with the doctor, and according to the situation of wrinkles, dynamic or static, serious degree of trouble topay attention to some issues.

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