Solarium Tanning PDT Photon Therapy Red Infrared Body Capsule


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Lying Solarium Tanning Bed PDT Red Light Whole Body Skin Whitening

Whole body anti-aging white space capsule Germany imported red light tube with a wavelength of 630 nanometers, the most easily absorbed by human cells, the best spectrum that can best be compatible with blood.

• Full body Phototherapy
• Automatic-off timer to guarantee accurate session time
• Minimal heat output
• Curved canopy for side to side skin rejuvenation
• Specially glossed aluminum reflectors to provide even rejuvenation
• Biotech tunnel design
• Superflow internal cooling fans
• Adjustable gas spring lifts
• Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines
• Reduces crow’s feet
• Improves skin tone
• Helps sun damaged skin
• Heals and prevents acne
• Stimulation & regeneration of collagen
• Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin
• Stimulates increased blood flow,regeneration,circulation and oxygenation
• Heals skin blemishes
• Reduces skin degradation
• Creates more skin moisture which will help fill out skin
• Body detoxification
• Helps irregular pigmentation
• Increases circulation
• Reduces brown age-spot producing melanin
• Reduces pore size
• Reduces skin coarseness
• Reduces overall redness,flushing,dilated capillaries

Function of tanning machine:
1:Wheat color skin makes you look stronger,and makes you more responsible.
2:Bright sunlight can improve your power of thinking,progress consciousness,and make you positive and cheerful mood.
3:Sunlight can accelerate the absorption of Ca this trace element,improve the nerve of motor,and strong muscle.
4:Accelerating the generation of vitamin D3 and the absorption of Ca this trace element,also having effect in strengthening the bones and teeth.
5:Ultraviolet is benefit for improving immunity and preventsing diseasees.
6:Sunlight can accelerate secreting of all kinds of related hormone to repair Biological Clock.
7:Accelerate secreting of serotonin,relax muscle,easy tire.
8:Its heat can elevate temperature,burn excess fat and heat,which can refresh skin,and have good effects in slimming.
9:Having resistance to ultraviolet.

Product Advantage:
1.Specially big design for exporting,the size is 190X90X90CM better for foreigner’s figure;
2.All the UV lamp tubes import from Germany.They are original importing.
3.This machine is special for commercial use,big power total 3100W.Each treatment only needs 9 MINS and fast result.
4.2 years product warranty.and each UV lamp tube can use at least 600~800 hours.
5.CE certificate & test report
6.Machine case color:Black or Redoptional
7.Good pack age for safe shipment.
8.MP3 player system,listen to nice music while treatment.

Special Features
1.20 minute tanning session time
2.Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
3.Exclusively desingned acrylics
4.MP3 music therapy

1.Advanced after tan cooling system
2.Superflow internal cooling fans
3.Optional body fan
4.For maximum efficiency,we recommend a room temperature of 24ºC

1.Unique design to put your client in the center of tanning intensity
2.Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
3.Advanced Technology system


Voltage 220V-240V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Power 3100W
Product size 190X90X90CM
Packing Size 201X95X114CM
Package standard Honeycomb carton export wooden case
NW 90kg
Lamp quantity 28 pieces Germany Professional 100W-R UVB-1.4% Light tube

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