Stationary PDT Therapy LED Light Skin Rejuvenation Ance Removal Machine




stationary PDT therapy LED light skin rejuvenation ance removal machine

Composed with 5 pieces of LEDs module, each module has 364 units high intensity LEDs, total treatment area is up to 970cm2.

1. 8" LCD touching screen can be rotated by 360°
2. 1820 units high power LEDs
3. Flexible swing arm
4. Starting key and power on password
5. Warm voice function
6. 6 kinds of defaulted therapeutic schedule
7. Treatment head can be bent.

Different Lights
Blue Light ———— For Acne-prone Skin
Red Light ——— For Wrinkle and Anti-aging
Yellow Light ——— For Skin Whitening
Red Infrared ——— For Pain Relief
Red Yellow Light ——— For Wrinkle and Whitening
Red Blue Light ——— For Acne Improvement


Power Supply AC220V/110V ,50/60Hz
Rated Power 300VA
Working Environment Temp:-5~40ºC Transportation and
Storage Environment
Relative Humidity:≤85% Relative Humidity:≤95%
Relative Humidity:≤95%
Product Dimension 951mm×568mm×1250mm
Packing Dimension Wooden case:734mm×644mm×1195mm
or carton:775mm X 685mm X 1230mm
Weight NW:24kg GW:50kg
Effective Radiation Area 970cm2
Display Mode 8" LCD touching screen
Working Distance 5-8cm
Application Wrinkles, skin whitening, acne-prone skin, pain relief
Output Wavelength Red light : 633nm±10nm Blue light: 417nm±10nm Yellow light:590nm±10nm
Output power Red light: 80mW/cm2±20%
Blue light: 100mW/cm2±20%
Yellow light: 35mW/cm2±20%
Light combination Red, Yellow, Blue, Red Yellow, Red Blue, Red Infrared
Control Mode 0min~99min,testing accuracy<±2%
irradiator lifting scope Irradiator lifting scope:0~27cm±2cm
irradiator rotating scope 360°
LEDs 1820 units Gene biological wave tech LEDs,
Arranged in a matrix structure.


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