Steam Infrared Ozone Wet Sauna (608)

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This machine is a new type of high-tech touch operate, as long as it gently touch on the corresponding key, this machine can make corresponding action.
The machine adopts the most popular display information of blue background LCD, highlight fashionable.
When you touch bottom row function keys, beautiful blue background will light up. Neat appearance, durable, peculiar MP3 waterproof function, let you enjoy the fashionable,casual life easily.

1.The power switch
2.Steam function
3.Ozone sterilization function
4.Spectrum therapy function
5.Background light function
6.Ion breeze function
7.Massage spray function
8.Infrared therapy function
9.DVD function
10.Bubble bath and surfing
11.Ozone sterilization function
Panel Keys:
1) DVD power on key
2) Temperature function key
3) Temperature rise key
4) Temperature drop key
5) Information display monitor
6) Time drop key
7) Time rise key
8) Time function key
9) Massage spray key
10) Infrared therapy function key
11) Ion breeze function key
12) Ozone sterilization function key
13) The power switch key
14) Spectrum therapy function key
15) Background light function key
16) Steam function key

Technical specification:
Machine Material: Acrylic
Power : 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: 2000W

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