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ThisTurbine Tanning system features DHA as the active ingredient to produce an attractive golden brown tan. DHA is an FDA approved nontoxic product that is a safe, reliable means of tanning without the potential health risks associated with exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun or other methods of tanning You are about to enjoy the great benefits of turbine spraying. Our designs are the result of many years experience in manufacturing turbine spray systems, and Turbine spray guns. Whether you are new to spraying, you have sprayed before, or are just new to turbine spraying, there are some basic spraying guide lines that will help you to achieve the best results and optimum success from your new equipment. Reading this information carefully and following these simple steps will ensure that you get the best performance and results from the new True HVLP-TAN System.

Portable Spray Tanning Equipment HVLP700

1)Speed: Low, middle, high
2)1mm or 1.5mm needle
3)Length of hose: 2.50m
4)Multi-color LED di


1) New model tanning equipment professional for body tanning
2) Good quality motor with low noise
3) New germany standard spray gun-very good spray function
4) Very strong bottom filter
5) Colorful indicator light
6) Heating function available
7) Power cord detachable for easy store
8) Both pink and black color available
9) 550W or 700W

1) OEM service available and custom designs are welcomed!
2) Premium quality, competitive price and prompt delivery
3) Warranty: 12months

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