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I ipl  – Treatment theory
A broad spectrum of light is transmitted through a small, smooth, transparent hand piece which is gently placed over the skin. Cut-off filters in the hand piece change the wavelength range allowing it to be optimized for different applications and skin types. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by either the blood when treating vascular lesions or the melanin when treating pigmented lesions damaging them. The body’s natural processes then remove the injured tissue giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance.

II ipl – Functions
1. Hair removal
2. Freckle removal: fleck, Sunburn, age pigment, chloasma etc
3. Eliminate the wrinkle, perfect and smooth
4. Breast enhancing
5. Spider vein dispelled. Bottle nose, red spot treatment
6. Shrink sweat pores, acne and scars
7. Activate the increase of collagen albumen and renew the elasticity of skin
8. Improve the coarse skin on the body obviously.

III ipl –  Advantages
A. This machine is using new screen & new software. So we can add your logo & language on the machine software.

B. This machine has 2 operating modes.

IV ipl – Accessories
1pcs of IPL handle
3pcs of filters: 480nm/530nm/640nm (optional: 430nm/560nm/590nm/690nm/755nm)
1pair of protective glasses
1pair of goggles
1pc of funnel
1pc of foot pedal
1pc of power line
2 keys

 IV ipl – Why choose us
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2)All Kinds of Certificate
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IPL hair removal beauty equipment
Brief introduction
IPL machine is intense pulse light equipment.
With Selective Photothermolysis, it is applied to remove hair, pigmentation spots etc, as well as skin rejuvenation.
Physical stimulated effect: IPL acts on the skin and occurs actinochemistry, this can bring interior molecular structure change of corium layer collagen textile fiber and tension textile fiber, restore the original elasticity. Moreover, it produces light hot function to strengthen the blood vessel’s function too, and improve circulation.This can eliminate wrinkle and shrink pore.
IPL series Equipments can be explained by optional light pyrogenation. The melanin absorbs short wavelength light of 250-1200nm, maximum absorbing values of the bright-red chemical complex of hemoglobin and oxygen are 418nm, 542nm, 577nm. Therefore, it can be absorbed easily and transported to the collagen layer. 530nm waveband light releases from the probe, which produce pyrogenation of the collagen fiber. Collagen fiber can absorb large light of 400-600nm, also including some light of 530-1200nm releases from the probe, which will result in the injury of the collagen fiber, enhance the activation of the cells and the collagen synthesis. Repristination of I collagen and III collagen which contains in blood vessel. Then, skin rejuvenation treatment will be effective on pigments dispelling, telangiectasia lightening, fine wrinkle lightening, shrinking pores.
1.Body shaping (eliminates excessive cellulite)
2.Face lifting by active collagen & brighter skin tone
3.Cures pimple by controlling seburn
4.Metabolizes blood vessels
5.Joint and muscle ache
6.Controls internal feminine temperatures
7.Prevents from depilation
Specification Light source Intensive pulse light
IPL energy 10-50J/cm2
IPL frequency 1s,2s,3s,4s
Pulse space 5-60ms
Pulse duration 2-15ms
IPL power source 1600W
Light spot area 12*30mm2/15*35mm2/15*50mm2
Cooling system Semiconductor water cooling gel
Wavelength 640nm
Input power AC 220V(110V)/ 15A 50HZ(60HZ)
Operating language English/French/Chinese(Changeable)
Size Machine Size 40*40*60cm
Package Size 53*60*76cm
packing Aluminous Case
Taboos 1.Pregnant or women nursing.
3.Patients with malignant tumor.
4.Patients with acute inflammation and wound infection
5.Patients without recovery from surgical wound.
6.Patients with heart disease or with a cardiac pacemaker.
7.Patients with severe diabetes
8.Heart, brain, nerve head, backbone, eyeball, bleeding, injection.
9.Metal uterus global( other area can be treated)
10.Person who once had abdominal surgery during menses, period of birth control and  urinary incontinence
11.Person with much inner fever.
12.Atopic person.
13.Patients with high fever
14.Severe telangiectasia, maybe take steroid hormone and have endocrine Disorders for a long time( other area can be treated)
Hemophiliac and person with serious bleeding.
Treatment proposals a.  Items that contain any metal, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. cannot be worn during operation and must be removed prior to treatment.
b.  The machine should be kept in a dry space, and kept clean and tidy. Always  keep the wires in the proper place and free of items that may cause damage, twisting and stress.
c.  The probe should be completely cleaned by water ( be sterilized with alcohol ) every time before being used to the next customer, because the longevity of probe is determined by the cleanliness. Also, please never scratch the probe.
d.  Please don’t make up, or clean and removal all make-up prior to treatment.
e.  During treatment, please keep the temperature indoor is comfortable, not high:
1.The doctors should wear disposable gloves. It is for health and prevention of the static electricity.
2.If the treatment area has been filled or injected with artificial substance, silica gel for example, it is not recommended for treatment.
Relevant product and silica gel can be used during the treatment.
After sale service and Quality Warranty 1.We supply three year warranty for the main frame. For other parts or parts over warranty, we supply repairing service and maintenance too, but we would ask for some charges for the service and replacement parts.
2.We will not supply warranty if any following condition:
a.there is a malfunction caused by disassembly the machine without our permission
 b.there is a malfunction caused by not carefully use (fall down or shock the machine
c.There is a malfunction caused by no maintenance.
d.There is a malfunction caused by incorrect operation.
Cautions 1.Please put water in and let it cycle for 2-3 times before using, in order to make the machine working smoothly.
2.If there’s malfunction caused by non human reason which requires delivering back for maintenance, the charge shall be the customer’s.
3.For vulnerable parts(e.g.: lamp, filters), the changing charge shall be the customer’s.
4.The lamp can shot 40000-60000 times.


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