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Picosecond laser uses very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effect, by the principle of light mechanical shock wave, pigment is "shattered" into finely granular via focused energy, are more likely to be absorbed by the body metabolism. 

Picosecond laser will be to minimize the side effects of thermal effect, can achieve the goal of almost solve all kinds of pigment spots, is better than traditional laser spot whitening effect.



Suitable for all skin type!

4 probes for different treatment(1064nm, cellular, 532nm, 1320nm)

– Chloasma , coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota , etc

– Acne scars

– Skin whitening, fine lines removal

– All color of tattoo remove

– Pigment clear rate is higher

– Pigment removal speed is faster

– Refused to stimulate melanin active again risk

– Remove melanin colleagues and start repair mechanism

– Won’t damage the normal tissue

All colors tattoo removal:

– Epidermis and dermis pigment removal
– Nevus of Ota, blue nevus , black nevus, coffee spot removal
– Senile plaques, freckle, sunburn spot and chiliasm removal
– Skin whitening and wrinkle removal etc

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Quality: 80% imported promised best quality. 
OEM/ODM: There is mold factory, painting factory for ourselves, fastest and lowest cost price for offer OEM/ODM service. Multilingual arbitrary languages on software.

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