Vertical Professional Multifunction Skin Care Oxygen Jet Peel Beauty Machine for Salon Use


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Vertical professional multifunction skin care oxygen jet peel beauty machine for salon use  

Product parameter  
Product name Multi-function oxygen jet face&body beauty machine
Product type JF289
Input voltage AC220-230V, AC110V
Output power 430VA
Packing size 77*47*143cm
Net weight 62kg


  1. Wrinkle reduction
  2. Skin tightening
  3. Skin lightening
  4. Eliminate pouch and dark circles
  5. Breast enhance
  6. Improve skin pigmentation.

Packing list  
Host 1 set
Power supply line 1pc
User manual 1 copy
Bipolar handle for eyes 1pc
Tripolar handle for body 1pc
LED work head 2pcs
Ultrasonic work head for face 1pc
Ultrasonic work head for eyes 1pc
Lead-in shim 1pc
LED mask 1pc
Sprayer 1pc
Flap handle 1pc
Accessory frame 1pc
Bracket tube 1pc
Accessories frame shaft 1pc
LED mask bracket 1pc
Hang line rod 1pc
Hexagonal screws(M4×25) 3pcs(fix LED max connect pedestal)
Hexagonal screws(M4×15) 1pc(fix LED mask bracket fixing pedestal)
Hexagonal screws(M4×8) 1pc(fix LED mask bracket)
Hexagon wrench 1pc
Sealing ring(7.8×1.8) 20pcs
U disk 1pc


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