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6 In 1 Microdermabrasion Diamond Machine All Skin Type Skin Care Equipment(If you want to buy one, please contact supplier to quotate the price)

basic introduction

Water light is the use of needle injection water pressure technology, through the rocket jet principle, the use of 6.5BAR pressure, burst into nano-small molecules will air flow to 220 meters per second micro-droplets through the skin natural channel directly to the skin base Skin comfortable and painless, to achieve significant cosmetic effect, to avoid the injection of pain and edema caused by the handle to reach the subcutaneous absorption of nutrients is more than 1,000 times the ordinary smear!


1). Moisturizing replenishment is to deepen the skin to add high-end plastic products, so the replenishment effect is very good, and moisturizing effect lasting, so that the skin lasting moist luster.
2). To improve skin color can stimulate the skin to speed up the metabolism, can quickly discharge the body of melanin, improve the dark yellow dry skin, brighten the skin color, make skin light white.
3). Shrink the pores to stimulate the skin to speed up the metabolism, play the role of shrink pores, make skin more compact and smooth.
4). Remove wrinkles wrinkle effect is very good, can sagging sagging skin filling up, stretch the surface of fine lines and crow’s feet, Sichuan word pattern, compact skin.
5).To do a water light = 1000 times after the use of mask care can make the skin full and tight, from the bottom of the skin continue to release a moisturizing factor 1, for the skin to add moisture, always keep shiny translucent, freeze the skin young state, so you have Baby-like smooth porcelain muscle.
6). Wrinkle upgrade: real-time upgrade, wake up the skin regeneration function, reduce fine lines, reduce the expression pattern, reverse youth. Suitable for eye wrinkles, rattan lines, mouth lines and other dynamic wrinkles, as well as facial aging and light aging of fine lines, fine lines and relaxation of aging skin.
7). Membrane repair: control the damaged and sensitive skin of the skin reconstruction process, the regulation of skin tissue functional differentiation, to prevent scar hyperplasia. Suitable for excessive skinning or grinding equipment caused by the skin is too thin and other damaged skin, unsafe freckle and other products caused by sensitive skin and red blood problems skin.
8). Preserving stretch marks: containing biological high activity wrinkle composition, can start the skin of the active repair mechanism, repair collagen, fibrin and connective tissue, reduce the stretch marks; also contains high activity components of plant light licorice set, safe and efficient all-round The inhibition of melanin produces and decomposes the pigment, reducing the plaque of pregnancy.
9). Face-lift upgrade: want to use it where the thin bar! Wake up skin regeneration function, reduce facial aging and light aging fine lines, fine lines and relaxation of aging skin, reversal of youth. Strongly improve facial skin, create a beautiful curve.
10). Whitening replenishment: containing high activity components of plant light licorice set, for the latest international full-effect whitening functional raw materials, with safe and efficient position to inhibit melanin production and decomposition of pigment function. Contains the best moisturizer hyaluronic acid, contact with the skin immediately after the formation of hydrophobic membrane, efficient lock water, skin whitening, reduce the stain effect is significant.
11). Treatment of acne, flat pock; governance baldness, home care, effective delivery of nutrients and other effects:
Remove wrinkles (all kinds of wrinkles, such as: the beginning of the pattern of tail wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles)
* Acne scars (the cause of bumps, scars, scald, trauma, pox pit, scratches after a small scar effect is very good) to repair sensitive skin to increase the thickness of the skin by the external temperature of the hot and cold alternately make the beauty of the product Essence and efficacy to maximize the play. So that nutrients quickly penetrate the skin between the basement and dermis, decomposition of melanin at the same time, the supply of a large number of water and nutrients to improve the flexibility of collagen fibers, alternating hot and cold temperature difference between the physical effects of ice healing, deep lock water , Anti-allergic to ice, enhance immunity, ice therapy, highly absorbed, ice control oil control, tight skin.

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