3kw Portable Sauna Steamer with CE


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3KW Portable Sauna Steamer with CE 
Key Advantages: 
1.water-proof and steam-proof.
2.Digital disply for both temperature and time.
3.Heating status LED indicating.
4.Self-diagnostic function and error message display.
5.Lack-water and over-heat protection
6.Automatic water feed-in and drain control
Specifications and Optional Models for KL3000A Series Steam Generator

                         Photo     Model   Description Room Volume(CBM) Size(mm)
 check the above image KL3000A-3 3kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 2.5~4 380*155*280
KL3000A-4 4kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 2.8~4 380*155*280
KL3000A-5 5kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 4.5~5.5 380*155*280
KL3000A-6 6kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 5~6 380*155*280
KL3000A-7 7kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 6~7 400*175*330
KL3000A-8 8kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 6.5~8 400*175*330
KL3000A-9 9kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 7.5~8.5 400*175*330
KL3000A-10 10kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 8~9.5 430*205*383
  KL3000A-12 12kw/220v or 380v/50~60hz 10 430*205*383

Steam Generator Functions: 
1. Digital display 
2. Automatic water inlet and drain out 
3. When turn off steamer,automatic ozone disinfector
4. Automatic protect the machine when lack ofwater
5. Auto protect when over pressure
6. The circuit board avoid lightning strike,inferfer and  offers stable pressure
7. Double over-pressure protection
    a. Over-pressure switch
    b. Automatic magnetic valve switch
8.a.Double water tank can proof the oxidation of water level probe make good sensitive of detector
   b.Water level probe always in low temperature that can reduce the corrosive of probe by sediment.
    c. Double water tank can increase the steam, make steam come out  faster and make less water come out             together with the steam, also ensure the constant steam.
Introduction to Kingston Factory: 
.Kingston is  one of most professional and leading manufacturer of hot tub/outdoor spa, (Massage) bathtub, swim spa/pool, Steam generator, Infrared sauna, Traditional sauna, Gazebo/hot tub enclosure, etc. Over decades of experience ensures customers with superior craftsmanship, reliable products, novel design. Both OEM and ODM services are available.100% clients’ satisfaction is our forever mission.


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