Beauty Salon Herbal Vaporizer Aroma Ozone Facial Steamer with Vaporizer Facial Sauna SPA Home Use Facial Hot Thermal Spray Vapo


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Beauty Salon Herbal Vaporizer Aroma Zone Facial Steamer with Vaporizer Facial Sauna Spa

Home Use Facial Hot Thermal Spray Vapor

Spray type: Hot herbal aroma oil spray, multifuctions
Product introudction:
Whitening face steamer is one of the necessary equipment in beauty salon , this instrument was concentrated large sprayer functions optimized for a small home steam beauty instrument, which can help deep clean, but also to add moisture to the skin. In addition to spray,  you can also make herbal fumigation, treatment skin problems or skin healthy care, but also essential oils sheet can be put into the nozzle for relaxation and reduced pressure. The multfunction in-one steamre, easy to achieve home beauty new concept.

1. Supplement moisture, regulating water&oil balance, reduce the formation of blackheads.
2. Promote blood circulation, makes ruddy and healthy skin.
3. Remove aging skin, promote collagen regeneration.
4. Skin breathe smoothly, more easily absorb nutrients.
5. Remove excess fat, skin whitening and transparent.
6. Aromatherapy spray relax and reduce pressure, endocrine regulation.

Working principle:
Sprayer consists of a steam generator. Steam generator consists of a beaker and electrical components, similar to the principle ot the kettle, The heating elements placed in the beaker produce heat energy through current, water temperature gradually increased in the beaker until boiling to steam, mist ejected from the gas vents, then forma spray.

Operation instructions:
1) 2-3 drops of essential oil onto a cotton pad, put the cotton pad into medicine cup of the steamer (Note: Do not add the oil directly into the water)
2)First wet the herbal bag, then put into the medicine cup, fumigation about 10 minutes, the bag can be reused 2-3 times each.

Spray types:
1) Herbal spray
2) Aromatherapy spray

3) Hot spray


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