Body Slimming Machine LED Light Ozone Infrared Sauna SPA Capsule Hydro Massage




body slimming machine led light ozone infrared sauna spa capsule hydro massage

1. Heat therapy:
The infrared light wave will act upon endermic fat to increase the combination of fat and oxygen (i.e. burn the fat) and discharge the liquidized fat outside the body with sweat. 20-30 minutes of use can consume 600 calories of energy, which is equal to the consumption of running for 10km. The temperature inside the spaceship can be as high as 90 degrees, which can improve lymph circulation to discharge the toxic and surplus water inside the body to slim the body. It has been proved by the science of medicine that it has some assistant functions to arthritis and rheumatism.

2. Color light therapy:
By adopting brand-new color light therapy, the specially-designed light source radiates color light wave to improve the metabolism of human cells. It has different functions to various kinds of problematic skins.

1) Red light:

a) Efficacy: exciting and warm, stimulating and revitalizing the cells,improving the heart beats, brain activities and respiration
b) Physiotherapy function: removing wrinkles, spots and acnes, stimulating the blood circulation and metabolism, revitalizing the skin tissue

2) Yellow light:

a) Efficacy: stimulating the nerves, increasing the blood pressure, speeding up the pulse, reinforcing the immunity and digestion
b) Physiotherapy function: improving the absorption of oxygen, stimulating the blood circulation, revitalizing your skin and digestion

3) Blue light:

a) Efficacy: you feel cool and refreshed, relieving the pressure, reducing blood pressure, balancing and focusing your mind
b) Physiotherapy function: developing the gluey protein, revitalizing your skin and tightening the lax skin

4) Green light:

a) Efficacy: this natural color has comfort and calm curative effects on your anxiety and depression, you feel relaxed and relieved
b) Physiotherapy function: improving the gland function, removing the spots,acnes, pimples

3. Negative ion facial breeze:

It adopts negative ion breeze to adjust the metabolism of the skin, increase the elasticity of skin, delay aging and ease local muscle injury and pain.

4. Aromatherapy:
Based on the essence oil vent, it can be combined with essence oil of plants with different functions to go into by absorption the internal organs to treat physically, soul and spirit.

5. Bacteria-killing Ozone system:
it can deep-cleanse the capillary pores and eliminate all the harmful heavy metal substance in your body.

6. Musical therapy:
it is equipped with CD appliance to relax human mind, eliminate tiredness and supply energy.


  • Temperature set
    Far infrared dry-steaming
    Negative ion breeze
    Ozone bacteria-killing system
    Spectrum therapy
    Music therapy
    CD configuration
  • Remote Control System
    Note: it is configured additionally

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