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Skinfold Body Fat Caliper is Accurate,Affordable,Durable reliable, private, and easy to measure your body fat,body fat caliper is Most widely used caliper in the world.
Skinfold Body Fat Caliper Packaging include body fat tester, body fat measurement charts and instructions for body fat measurement and body fat tracking chart
Can you also have too little body fat?
Yes. just as with having too much body fat ,there are also health risks associated with having too little body fat .Excess body fat is associated with increased chances for heart disease,high blood pressure, high cholesterol ,diabetes,stroke, and some cansers.But some fat is necessary .the fat which surroumds the sprinal cord ,heart ,and vital organs is called "essential" fat and is necessary to sustain life.
Essential fat makes up approximately 9 to 10 percent of total body weight in women and 2to 3 percent in men . You'll notice on the charts of instruction on the inside covers of this booklet that the lowest body fat percentage a man or women can have is his or her amount of essential fat.
How to use ?
STEP 1 :the site you will use your skin -fold. Measurement is the suprailiac, approximately . One inch above the right hip bone .
STEP 2 :While standing ,firmly pinch the suprailiac skin fold between your left thumb and forefinger . Place the jaws of the personal body fat tester over the skin fold while continuing to hold the skin fold with the left hand .
STEP 3:Press with the thumb where indicated on the personal body fat tester . note where the sliding arrow pointd oon the gauge . reeat three times ,and use the average as your body fat measurement .refer to the body fat interpretation chart to determine your body fat percentage and what it means.

Material ABS Plastic
Size 16.8cmx11cmx1cm
Color White, Red, beige,Black
Size of Packaging 14×16.5cm

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