High Resolution Portable Facial Skin Analyser 600




Derma Vision Skin & Hair Analyzer

The BS-600 skin and hair analyzer equipment is a kind of intelligent skin image capture, data analysis and report generator system, which integrate the high definition skin and hair image capturing hardware, and the professional software to find out potential problems of skin in both epidermis layer and deeper layer.

With BS-600, it is possible to find out the skin problems quickly and precisely, and record the analysis report in software by generating a skin status trend figure, together with a treatment prescription by pre-input data, including cosmetics and beauty care applications to apply. This equipment can be widely used in home, beauty salons and clinics, or cosmetic department store.


– Support capture skin or hair image under high purity visible light (RGB) and polarized light
– Analysis skin or hair disorders in both epidermis layer and deeper layer
– High definition image for operator to check skin issues including skin pore, pigmentation, vascular, etc
– Automatically analyze skin issues as skin complexion, water ratio, oily ratio, wrinkles and texture, skin pores
– Can simulate 3D (three-dimension) image of skin status
– Customer information management, can show skin change trend with historical data
– Integrate with cosmetic or treatment sales plan, can auto-generate prescription according to analysis result
– USB interface, plug and play
– Support Windows XP and Win 7

Image Capture System High Quality CMOS Sensor
Image Definition 1600 x 1200 Pixel
Visible Light Color 7200K
Polarized Light Support Yes
Analysis Item Automatic analysis on:
Skin Complexion, Texture, Moisture, Oil, Pigmentation, Skin Pores.
Interface USB
Customer Management Software Store Customer Info, Analysis Historical Data, Skin Trend
Cosmetic/Application Recommend Auto Recommend Cosmetic/Application, with shopping cart
Weight 135g
Power Specification 5V/500mA

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