IPL Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine (VL82)


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1. Remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body for all kinds of hair color
2. Remove epidermal pigmentation
3. Remove red blood vessels
4. Skin rejuvenation and whiten skin
5. Acne and scars treatment
6. Shrink and tighten pores
7. Remove wrinkle


1. Permanent hair removal for various hair color
2. 24 hours continuous work
3. USB function, easy to save and print treatment data with computer together
4. Adopt medical import sapphire, Energy output uniformity, various spot size free to choose
5. Plug-and-play connectors makes install more easily, safe and reliable
6. Alert device for failure of water level, water temp, water instability and refrigeration
7. No Pain, No side effect, treatment with short time, no any effect for daily life.
8. Magnetic drive Japanese pump + big water tank controlled water circulation: Lower noise, longer lifetime.
9. Various shots control system, intelligent management, convenient for hiring cooperation.
10. Integrative close radiator: Higher radiating efficiency and safer.


IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) adopt selective light pyrolysis principle, It within the range from 480nm to 1200nm wavelength transforms light energy into heat energy results in pigmentations, vascular lesions and hair follicles broken and disassembled, without damage the normal structure to get the effect of remove pigmentation, vascular, unwanted hair. Meanwhile, IPL changes the inner construction of fiber and collagen to stimulate collagen growth and recover its elasticity to achieve the remove wrinkle, skin rejuvenation effect!

Product IPL
Lamp-house Super intense pulsed light
Range of Spectrum 480-1200nm: remove acne
530 -1200nm: speckle treatment
560 -1200nm: skin rejuvenator
590-1200nm: remove vessel
640 -1200nm: remove unwanted hair
690-1200nm: remove unwanted hair on dark skin(optional)
750-1200nm: remove unwanted hair fast(optional)
810-1200nm:remove unwanted hair fast(optional)
Density of Energy 50J/cm 2
Size of Spot 8*40mm 2, 16*50 mm 2
Amount of pulse 1~6, adjustable
Interval of Pulse 1~99ms, adjustable
Sub-pulse Width 0.1~9.9ms, adjustable
Cycle 1~4s, adjustable
Cooling Way semiconductor +wind + water cooling
Screen 5.7/8-4/10.4inch color touch screen
Power Supply 220V ± 10% 50Hz; 110V ± 10% 60Hz
Working Period Continuously stand-by working for 24 hours
Weight 40kg1
Free parts E-light handpiece, Filters, Operator Goggles, Protective Glasses, Footswitch, Power line, Scrape board, Water bottle, Key, User manual, CD ect

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