Ozone Sauna Far Infrared SPA Capsule


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Ozone sauna far infrared spa capsule

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Biological treatment with infrared may be divided into radiant infrared and non-radiant infrared. The wavelength of radiant infrared is between 350nm and 4μm or between 760nm and 4μm, which is called short wave infrared while the wavelength of non-radiant infrared is between 700nm and 15μm, called long wave infrared whose radiant power differs from 50W to 60W, the maximummay reach 1500W. Biological far infrared ray has the function of radiation and infiltration, can infiltrate 3cm-10cm to subcutaneous tissue, has the effect of medium calefaction on muscle, skeleton and viscera, so has medium-roasted effect, and then it may accelerate blood cycle, revive cell, supple nutrition and cause metabolism. It shows good performance on losing weight, diminishing inflammation, relieving pain, kill bacterium, dissipating gore and curing wound etc.

Strengthen The Body’s Self Recovery Ability
Clear Cellulite and Excecise Heart
Far infrared burns calories and controls weight
Increase Blood Internal Circulation
Strengthen the Cardiovascular System
Remove Toxins and Mineral Waste
Win Health Just By Sleeping
Earn Energy for Your Body
Far infrared reduces stress and fatigue

Very comfortable, covers use any parts of the body.
360 degrees of FIR (FAR INFRARED) heat on the front & back of our body
Easy to set up, maintain and store
Portable and lightweight, can be carry anywhere & anytime
Premium quality element
ACF Technology – Active Carbon Fiber Heating Elements & Bio-Ceramic Heaters
Dome shape focuses the FIR (FAR INFRARED) energy, providing a complete 360° degree of FIR (FAR INFRARED) radiant heat
Reflects FIR (FAR INFRARED) energy w/frequencies that are body-friendly, 7-15 micron wavelength
Variable & adjustable control over temperature & time
Uses very little electricity
Compact, allows more effective exposure to Far Infrared Rays
Lying down is the most beneficial way to sauna

Red: The 650nm red light is for wakening and activating the skin
Blue: The 462nm blue light is for calming and diminishing inflammation.
Yellow: The 590nm yellow light is for tightening and oxygen supply
Light can be all red /all blue/ all yellow/ red blue yellow.

Material: High temperature resistance ABS
Output Voltage:
Rated Power: 350W
Time setting: 20min/40min/60min
Temp setting: L-35ºC/M-50ºC/H-85ºC
Capsule size: Diameter: 70cm; Length: 50cm

Bag: 1pcs
Remote control: 1pcs

Packaging Standard:
Packing size: 68*45*21CM
Gross weight: 6 KGS

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