Jet Peel Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Machine


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Jet peel water oxygen skin rejuvenation machine

  Oxygen jet to the skin rapidly , activate cells and restore elasticity 
  Wrinkle removal , fine line removal 
  Moisturizing , make skin tender , smoothly  
  Remove spots, comedones, blackheads and acne scar……
  Promote circulation, strengthen metabolism
  Soothe nerves, pressure regulator, endocrine remission, insomnia, 
  irritability, headache, irritability, fatigue and other symptoms;

Treatment Theory: 
By using 10KG/m2 high pressure sprays oxygen and normal saline exfoliator technology, to achieve the purpose of improving skin problem, it cleans maturing cutin and speed up the skin regeneration and absorption of pure oxygen and nutrition. Achieving enhance the permeation of products 50%-65%, resulting in flatting fine lines and stretch marks, regenerating the mature cell, improving damage skin and blood circulation, reducing reddish phenomenon which is caused by excessive buffing or other therapy.
1. Top technology to remove acne safely, to leave the skin hydrated smooth and polished;
2.90% Pure Oxygen, which can be used in medical field;
3. Totally painless, no recurrence. It instantly improves circulation, improves skin’s moisture level and tones the skin;
4. Easy to operate, the Water Jet delivers moisture, vitamins and nutrients into skin without ever touching it.


Working mode direct output (CW)
Power 600W
Fuse type 250V 10A
Cooling system air
Pressure ≤ 8Bar
Volume flow ≤ 80L/min
Number of meter 2
Dia. of Water mist particle 80um
Speed of Water mist particle 230m/s
Air source type built-in air  9L tank
Working temperature 20ºC~ 45ºC
Working humidity 20~70%RH
Storage temperature -10ºC~ 60ºC
Power supply AC220±10% or AC110±10% , 50HZ~60HZ

About ADSS Group:
We are the professional manufacturer of aesthetic devices & medical laser equipments in Beijing, China. It established in August 2005, a high-tech company engaged in R&D, production, sales and after-sale services, and a part of IT area.
A professional team has been built with rich knowledge and experience in optics, medicine, machinery and electricity, leading this field in China.
The first manufacturer among Chinese suppliers to adopt international standard production line in July 2008. Most spare parts imported from the global renowned producer, such as laser source, water pump, power supply control block, filter, capacitor, LCD screen, xenon lamp, "plug and play" handpiece connectors… All kinds of certificates available in ADSS.

For more information, please feel free to contact ADSS, we will answer you every question.
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