Mini Facial Steamer with Ozone and Spray


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Mini facial steamer with ozone and spray!

Principle of Ozone facial steamer:
The facial steamer was constituted by the steam generator. Steam generator was formed from the heater, container and electrical components, similar to the principle of the kettle. The heating element generate heatin the container through the currents, water temperature gradually increased until boiling to produce steam, the mist of vapor spray out from the vent, which is spray.

Efficacy of Ozone facial steamer:
1, activate water ionization rapidly, producing a soft mist on the tender skin, promoting skin collagen regeneration, activation of hydrophilic factor to make skin moisturizing
2, make the skin more delicate and smooth, whiten and transparent. Thermal mist is rejuvenation available for oily skin, neutral, dry, combination, sensitive and other skin.
3. Practical functions for family use, hair steamer and facial steamer combined
4. Stable and durable for longtime use. Ozone can kill the fungus in the scalp so as to prevent the generation of dandruff. Meanwhile you can put essence oil in the nozzle of the steamer to gain the efficacy of relaxing and tendering skin.

Facial Steamer with Ozone:
The facial steamer is used to clean the skin thoroughly by opening the pores in order to remove impurities (like blackheads, whiteheads, make up, etc. ) and generally revitalize the skin. The addition of ozone enriched steam helps to promote a more sterile environment for further treatment of the skin.


Mesurement: 22*18*28cm
G. W.: 2kg; N. W.: 1.6kg

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