Pico Second Laser



Picosecond laser PS10

Product Description
 Quasi-Long mode:
Quasi-Long Pluse (pulse width 300us @ 1064nm) is a combination of toning and lifting which enables pigmented cells to absorb the laser selectively. It stimulates collagen by the destruction of pigmented cells, and it is useful to general skin for regenerating afater peeling, imporving loose skin, and minimizing large pores.
DUAL-Q mode:
DUAL-Q mode delivers 2 pulses of constant energy of laser power in a very short period of time. Compared to previous laser toning procedures, its energy is much higher. In order to reduce side effects of high energy laser such as hypopigmentation. Pigmentation or melasma recurrence, the high energy is divided into two, to increase the effect while reducing side effects. Q-DUAL-Q mode can be done at both 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths.
Auto-Calibration System:
Reliable treatment can be done in spite of long hours of use since its auto-calibration system provides consistent and stable energy output.
Laser Arm:
Import laser arm: rate of energy loss ≤ 13%Luxury designFree 3600 of rotation, ensure constant energy of laser powerit is more shock-resistant than existing products with advanced design
pigmentation removal: freckle, speckle, blemish, café au lait spot, becker’s nevus, tattoo removal, melasma, hyperpigmentationskin rejuvenation, shrik pores

Laser wavelength(nm) 1064nm/532nm
Laser wavelength for aiming light 650nm (red color)
output energy for Laser terminal(mJ) Single pulse 1064nm: 100mJ-1600m;
532nm: 50mJ-800mJ
Double pulse 1064nm: 200mJ-3200m;
532nm: 100mJ-1600mJ
laser mode Single / double pulse
pulse repetition rate(Hz) 1 Hz -10Hz
pulse width (ns) 5-8ns @ 1064nm / 532nm Q-Switched
5-8ns @ 1064nm / 532nm DUAL-Q Q-Switched
300us @ 1064nm Quasi-Long
Spot diameter(mm) 2mm-10mm adjustable
Power supply 2000W
rated operational current(A) 10A
Water tank capacity 8L
Number of articular optical arm 7articular optical arm
Dimension of machine(cm) 92*34*114.5cm
Packing size (cm) 117*49*109cm
N.W.(Kg) 100kg

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