Pigmentation Removal Laser Beauty Machine 755nm Pico Second Laser



532nm/1064nm/755nm Pico Laser machine

Laser type Pico Laser 
Laser wavelength  532nm,1064nm,755nm
Output Power 1000W
Power source 220V/110V
Max Energy 1064nm–2000mj
Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse Width 2000ps
Cooling system Wind water cooling
Spot size 2-10mm
Net weight  140Kg

 Main fucntions1. Remove tattoo,eyeline,lipline
2. Remove pigment on scarfskin and derma
3. Remove moles,warts
4. Remove freckles, coffee spots, age spots
5. Remove Inflammatory pigmentation and so on 

1.High power and fast speed, so treatment time is shorter
2.Pulse width is only one percent of traditional Nd yag laser, that makes fast and traget pigmentation removal
3.Max energy is only 2J,treatment is more safe,and more comfortable


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