Skin Care Oxygen Jet Peel Hydra Facial Cleaning Machine for Skin Rejuvenation /Acne Treatment




Product Introduction:
 By utilizing the principles of water displacement and low pressure, it can quickly solve the problem of skin breathing disorder. It can dredge lymph, remove the skin dirt and cutin caused by skin metabolism, and purify the homeostasis water contaminated by all sorts of pigments. Oxygen uptake can strengthen the aerobic metabolism of human body cells and the skin’s nutrition, which can increase the elasticity of the loose skin and reduce wrinkles; the enhancement of the skin cells’ metabolism can reduce the melanin pigmentation and ecchymosis.The deep penetrating ultrasonic wave produced by the oscillation with the high frequency of the 1-3 million times per second can do soft and subtle massage to skin cells, which can promote the blood circulation of human capillaries and accelerate metabolism to activate skin cells and  help absorb nutrients. The treatment is conducted by multipolar RF in a non-invasive way.Collagen can make the skin tightened and reduce the wrinkles. Combined with the biological energy produced by the technology of frequency conversion, the increase of tissue’s temperature can completely decompose and soften the in-depth fat in the body, improving the lymph circulation.


What is Oxygen Jet Peel Machine and How Does it works?

98 % of the skin is made up of collagen. The elder we are, the less oxygen our blood carries, which will fail collagen to generate. Meanwhile, skin moisture loses a lot and epidermis metabolism can not carry out normally. On the theory of skin renew, the physical condition of the skin will be remolded by the biological effect of the pure oxygen molecule and sodium chloride molecule. Using this machine, you can control the treatment depth of the skin according to your requirements. The system will mix 99% of pure oxygen molecule and sodium chloride molecule into a new water-oxygen molecule and then jet the mixture into the dermis or epidermis with the speed of 200m per second.It keeps the whole process painless to the patients and completely sterile.  


Main Functions:

1.Cleaning and water replenishing: remove the skin stratum corneum and minimally-invasive scar, and clear off blackheads; replenish with sufficient moisture. 

2.Beautifying face and nourishing hair: reduce melanin deposition, so as to slack upecchymosis and beautify the skin. It is conducive to improving nutrition of hair follicle, improving hair growth and preventing hair loss.   

3.Rejuvenation: remove color mottle and melanin deposition; shrink pores; whiten skin; add skin elasticity and gloss; comprehensively improve the skin of the whole body.

4.Wrinkle removing: lift and tighten skin; whiten and tender skin; reduce pimples and wrinkles.

5.Beautifying face and tendering skin: It is applicable to remove concave-convex pores, acnes, grease granules, skin ulcers, marking of pimples, and various color mottles.



1. Non-invasive physical scrub rejuvenation technology

2. No need to configure the dangerous oxygen bottles, it can also achieve the 6-8Kg pressure

3. Unique design of the sprayer with strong pressure

4. With air compressed fluid recycle and refrigeration plant.

5. Equipped with pulse oxygen spray technique.



Oxygen facial machine Applications

♦  Oxygen supplement
♦  Skin rejuvenation
♦  Skin tightening
♦  Wrinkle removal
♦  Accelerate blood circulation /Skin elasticity improvement
♦  Hair growth
♦  Freckle removal /Acne removal /Scar removal



Output pressure of built-in air system ≤4kg  
Power supply mode AC220V±10%,50HZ;AC110V±10%,60HZ
Specification of fuse Max10A
Specification of fuse  300W

Delivery and Shipping:

Production Lead time :5-7 days after payment received
Payment term: T/T/ Western Union or Paypal ( full payment before shipment)
Shipment way : DHL / FEDEX /TNT / EMS / Customer’s nominated shipping forwarder


1.One year warranty, lifetime maintenance as well as 3 months free spare parts replacement.Once you get the
machine,we would provide you with the user manual, maintenance manual, tutorial viode for your easy reference and operation .
2.Training: (Video Manual Online Service) Can Make You Operate It Easily.
3.Professional guide: 24 Hours online customer service, Our Professional Engineer teams who can speak Chinese ,English would be of your great help to solve any problems you meets during using .
4.OEM&ODM service for distributor (Logo/Color/System Fuctions can be customized)



Our oxygen jet peel machine suppliers offer you high quality oxygen facial machines with good service for your beauty clinic, do not hesitate to send inquiry to our manufacturers.


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