Steam Sauna PRO Qy-219 with Built-in Ozone Generator




1.Product Introduction
The ozone steam sauna cabin is a new type of fashion and technology integrated health equipment that combines spa, aromatherapy and medicated bath fumigation. The centuries-old civilization has confirmed the steam baths of Greece and Rome, the sauna in Finland play a significant role in strengthening health, beauty, and emollient hydration.

2.Main technical data

Model GO-219
voltage 220v/110v
Power 2500W
Material ACRYLIC glass fiber reinforced plastics
Package 158*80*135cm, 145*75*130cm(capsule closed)
Net Weight 110kg
Gross Weight 70kg
Brand OEM or ODM

1.Unibody vacuum acrylic forming: permanent brightness of the case, no yellowing and easy to maintain.
2.Thermostat settings: adjust your comfortable temperature freely.
3.High-power medicine pot: Built-in herbal medicine pot, herbal medicine can be boiled in the pot directly.
4.Ozone sterilization: built-in ozone generator produce ozone to disinfect the machine, avoiding cross infection and cleaning the cabin.
5.MP3 Music player system: with additional MP3 player, you can play music while enjoy the relaxing treatment process.
6.Optional flushing shower head: Press-type flushing shower for full body flushing or easy cleaning of cabin hygiene.
7.Foot Massager: Stimulate the soles of the feet and relax your body.
8.Automatic / manual water adding: adding water automatically with connected water pipe or manually pour water into the pot.
9.Moving casters with brakes for flexible movement without space constraints.
10.User-friendly design, height comfortable armrests, hands can reach out to use mobile phone, drink water or do some reading.
11.Cup holder: drink tea or coffee while enjoy physical therapy, to provide water replenishment that is missing during the fumigation process.
12.Height Adjustable seat: The seat has three levels of height, which can be adjusted to the most comfortable position according to the height of the human body.


1. Rheumatism: rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic pain, gout, neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, etc.
2. Orthopedic diseases: bone and joint pain, tendonitis, pain caused by bone spurs, etc.
3. Internal medicine: neurasthenia, insomnia, stomach pain, etc.
4. Others: relieve fatigue, restore physical fitness, skin beauty, perspiration release, recuperate, etc.



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