Far Infrared Sauna SPA Capsule with Photon and Electrode Therapy




Far Infrared Slimming Sauna SPA capsuleThe Queen Optical Shaping Crystal Capsule adopts the photon composite lights, which is of broad spectrum. The composite lights is a combination of visible lights ranging between 500-6500nm in wave length, comprising the near-infrared energy and mid-infrared energy. It can release great power in a brief period of time to heat up the skin tissues and destroy aged cells. It boast great penetrating force, which can reach the epidermis level, activate cells and improve blood circulation, so as to boost metabolism, cure impaired cells and facilitate the self -generation and self-restoration of skin.

Photochemical effect:
The skin tissue absorb the photon in composite lights and give rise to a series of photochemical effects, which resulted in improved activity of enzyme, aminophenol, protein and nucleic acid as well as transformed molecule structures. The red lights in composite lights absorbed by cells will benefit the activity of hydrogen peroxide in cell mitochondrion. The improved metabolism and self generation speed up the healing up of wounds while the enhanced power of leucocytes contributes to better immunity.

Energy effect:
The composite lights and healthy skin cells share the same vibrating frequency. So although composite lights spread over the body in a seemly even way, the lights are first absorbed by healthy cells, which activate the cells and produce thermo energy or kinetic energy. The energy is spread to surrounding cells with resonance and causes the re-arrange of cells, making the skin bright and smooth.

Photo thermo-effect:
It is known to us all that scorching sun will make us sweat. Then how to explain this phenomenon in a scientific way? That is because the light waves are absorbed by body cells, which are transformed into heat and cause us sweat. Composite lights do not comprise ultra violet that is harmful to skin, yet they can still exert photo thermo effect. Fat cells will be excluded from body after absorbing optical waves. In this way, shaping function is fulfilled.

1.heating up,Fat-decompound with strong pulse Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
2.to relax and appease muscles. Fit for skin massage.
3.to firm and tighten the fat around breast and hips.
4.to mock bionic movement(to firm muscle and decompound fat)
5.to reduce weight. Adopt intense stimulation to drive the muscle to move and force fat granule out of fat cells, so as to reduce the fat layer.


  1. Specialized computer-controlled shaping function, with 12 pulse output as well as 24 electrode patches applicable to various parts of body.
  2. CPU-designed pulse modes, serving various purposes in shaping courses.
  3. Automatic circulation and timing control system.
  4. The light intensity parameter ranges between 0-99 according to specific therapy demands.
  5. Equipped with VCD, LED display, used for playing music and visual program for physical therapy.
  6. Manual operation to locate lights on particular parts of body. Focus on key areas to carry out shaping therapy. Effective in shaping S-figure.
  7. Equipped with crystal glass mattress. Clean and sanitary.

Suggested Period of Therapy:
Skin-beautifying & whitening Therapy
Shaping Therapy
Muscle-exercising Therapy( free you from sub-health)
Music Therapy (psychological therapy)
Yoga Therapy

Technical Parameters
Working Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
Max Power:1500W
Working Current:5.5A
Main body,242*128*68cm
Arc light source mantle ,135*75*150cm
LED display shelf,120*48*108cm

Warranty Service:
1) We provide 2 years warranty,
Not man-made and Natural disaster problems within 2 years, we will deliver free accessories, the clients only need to pay the shipping cost.

2) After 2 years, if the products have any questions, we provide professional guides to help you solving your problems.
If need replacement, we only charge its cost price, without any profit, clients also need to pay the shipping cost.

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